This Is Why Actress Katrina Kaif Thinks She To Find A Balance

With several hits in the 300-crore-club and many more up her sleeve, there is no stopping Katrina Kaif! This fireball of energy recently became the proud owner of a make-up chain in her name, which took people by surprise. She interviewed with GQ India about what keeps her going, how Rihanna is her inspiration and what’s next for her on the film front. 

The actress says she may be touted as being tough, but that is nothing compared to how she sets standards for herself. “Sometimes I get pulled up for being hard on people, or told to go easy on someone – and of course you’ve got to be gentle – but I’m always ten times harder on myself,” she says. Katrina adds, “But, I’ve got to find a balance. To know I’ve done my best, and let go.”

So how is it that she began this brand new collaboration with her new range of cosmetics? Katrina Kaif says the transition felt natural.

When I look back, everything happened at the right time and for a reason. Some years and some phases, you can’t see it – you’re fighting against it with every cell in your body. But I see it more often now – literally the next day, not ten years later – why something didn’t happen.

Katrina exemplifies using Rihanna as an inspiration. Rihanna had recently launched her own make-up line Fenty as well – which is something Katrina truly admires about her, and tries to incorporate in her own understanding of her range of beauty products.

What I love about Rihanna is that Fenty feels like an extension of her personality. This brand should seem like an extension of my personality. If it doesn’t, I’ll keep tweaking my communication until we get it right.

Katrina Kaif was last seen on the film front with her much-appreciated portrayal of Madame Sir alongside Salman Khan in Bharat. The actress says she is in an interesting phase of her career in acting currently. However, there’s more than just acting on her mind.

I’d like to produce some content around sports in the future and to produce films. Stories that resonate with me. I love what Charlize Theron did in Tully, for example, or A Private War. 

We have a feeling it won’t be long before Katrina Kaif surprises us, yet again!

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