Love It Or Hate It, You Just Can’t Ignore Sonu Sood’s Physique!

It is no secret that almost all celebrities in Bollywood try their best to stay fit & healthy. You should never feel ashamed of showing off your hard work, and if one person sees your workout selfie and gets inspired to go break a sweat, then nothing like it. And Bollywood actor Sonu Sood is just doing that rightly. All you need to do is open your Instagram account and follow his routine for your fitness inspiration!

Chedi Singh of the movie Dabangg is back and back with the bang but this time for the film Simba. This hottie has impressed us not only with his acting skills but also for his chiseled body. His Instagram is no less than a visual treat. He has a strict workout plan and he follows it religiously to maintain his toned body. Here’s a sneak peek into his account to inspire and motivate you to sweat it out NOW!

1. Push yourself. Challenge yourself every day!

2. Lazy sunday? Maybe for some!

3. Sore: The Most Satisfying Pain

4. Fitness is a journey not a destination!

5. Go harder, longer, faster, and stronger than ever before!

Well, looking at these pictures and videos keep in mind that staying fit is a lifelong process – Set a goal, SCHEDULE A REGULAR WORKOUT TIME, follow healthy diet, share a picture to reach out to help others and keep going… Don’t forget to have some fun as well!


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