Akshay Kumar To Vidya Balan: Who Is Playing What Role In ‘Mission Mangal’

‘Mission Mangal’ is going to be an iconic film for more reasons than one; while the film tracks India’s journey towards Mars exploration, it is also the story of a very young team of Indian scientists who achieved success in the mission. The characters each have their own unique back stories, unique quirks and personality traits. Team ‘Mission Mangal’ chose to reveal these very traits in quite a different series of posters ahead of the film’s new trailer release. Check out the team- 

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1. Taapsee Pannu as Kritika Aggarwal

Torn between her love and career, Kritika Aggarwal played by Taapsee Pannu is touted to be a ‘simple, loving’ woman who loves her job as a Comms Specialist in the team.

2. Sharman Joshi as Parmeshwar Naidu

Sharman Joshi’s character Parmeshwar Naidu is the comic relief in the film! While he is a scientist, the dilemma that he faces between science and superstition is his central quirk.

3. Nithya Menen as Varsha Pillai

The woman who actually gave the name to the Mission Mangal, titling it Mars Orbiter Mission aka MOM. Nithya Menen is in Mission Mangal as Varsha Pillai.

4. Kirti Kulhari as Neha Siddiqui

‘Science has no religion!’ That is what Neha Siddiqui stands by in the film Mission Mangal.

5. Sonakshi Sinha as Eka Gandhi

Being independent and innovating are the two sides to Sonakshi Sinha’s character Eka Gandhi in Mission Mangal.

6. Vidya Balan as Tara Shinde

Acing the balancing act between home and science, Vidya Balan’s ‘home science’ game is unparalleled. Tara Shinde‘s character looks one like we should totally watch out for!

7. Akshay Kumar as Rakesh Dhawan

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And the man who heads it all – Akshay Kumar who is the ‘bachelor’ of ‘science’ as Rakesh Dhawan in Mission Mangal. Rakesh believes that there is no science without experiment, which seemingly is what he does in the film!

Mission Mangal releases on August 15. Watch the film’s new trailer here-

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