‘My Next Guest Needs No Introduction’ Says David Letterman About Shah Rukh

The much-awaited special episode of David Letterman’s show ‘My Next Guest’ starring Shah Rukh Khan is about to release soon! The show will feature as a stand-alone special, bringing together Letterman’s characteristic style of in-depth conversation, and Shah Rukh Khan’s persona and charisma. Shah Rukh posted about it on his Twitter handle, saying it was the ‘most fun’ he has had being interviewed!

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Ahead of the conversation’s release, Shah Rukh Khan said, “I’ve watched David Letterman’s late-night talk show for years and I’m a huge fan of his style of interviewing. I’m thrilled, and honoured to share my story with him. That this is on Netflix is even more special – I’m working with the team on various projects and it’s always been exciting partnering with them.”

After interviewing Shah Rukh Khan, Letterman said about the actor “The best part of this job that Netflix has been happy to provide for me is to meet people. And after each one of these sessions I think to myself, it is a very smart, very lovely person from whom I have learned things. You would maybe be at the top of that list.”

A teaser of the episode has also released, which has sequences with Shah Rukh Khan and his family –

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Shah Rukh Khan’s episode of the David Letterman show will be released on Netflix on October 25.

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