Read Cancer-Warrior Nafisa Ali’s Humbling Instagram Post Asking For Work

Former Miss India, national swimming champion, Indian film actress, politician, cancer-warrior – Nafisa Ali Sodhi has accolades to her credit, and today she is asking for work on a social media platform, an ‘elegant role to portray in Indian Cinema’. But there’s a message for all of us, here. Read on.

So why is it that after doing films like Junoon, Major Saab, Bewafa and Life In A Metro – that the senior actress is having to ask for work, that too like this – you wonder? Well, Nafisa wants to bring about change. She wants to express her emotions, she wants to stop the ‘targeting of young women in India’, to stop ‘religious intolerance’.

I am Nafisa Ali Sodhi and I would like an elegant role to portray in Indian cinema . So looking for a perfect script as a senior actor , I need to work to express my emotions .I will not be dictated to. May God give each of us the strength to follow our dreams . Stop targeting young women in India. Stop religious intolerance. Stop dictating to Indians . India is unique and we must protect our secular fabric .Stop this divide and rule . Focus on a better world .

Even though the bit about her asking for work is what has been highlighted, the point the actress is trying to make is that there needs to be a surge of films focusing to build a ‘better world’.

Read the actress’ full post below.

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