Netflix Posts A Cryptic Video With Shah Rukh Khan & This What It Prolly Means

Shah Rukh Khan took a break from films for a while after his last film ‘Zero’ tanked at the box office. His next project has been under speculation for quite some time – and a recent video that Netflix released adds further fuel to the fire! 

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In the video, Shah Rukh Khan is having a conversation about the role that will require him to play an interrogator. The person on the other side of the phone informs Shah Rukh that it’s not for a film – and without elaborating, the person hangs up. The video ends with ‘story abhi baaki hai‘, and the fact that more will be revealed on August 22. There are hints that Shah Rukh Khan may be referring to his role as a producer in Bard of Blood which is the upcoming Netflix series based on Bilal Siddiqui’s book by the same name.

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Bard of Blood is based on the story of four intelligence officers, who are captured before they are about to relay an important piece of information. All episodes of the series release on Netflix on September 27.

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