On-Screen Moments That Make Shabana Azmi One Of A Kind

The sublime Shabana Azmi has forever been an actor who converged the realms between masses and art aficionados. From acting with aplomb in mainstream Manmohan Shetty movies to being Shyam Benegal and Shekhar Kapur’s muse, there wasn’t – isn’t – a character she can’t carry off with haunting prowess that quiets down all the noise around her. To traversing a path of a ravaged housewife, to a criminal warlord, to a teacher, to a hostile step-mother – Shabana Azmi’s repertoire reads of characters that are feisty and fierce. Here we bring to you such moments that no cine-lover can ever deny shaped Indian cinema’s progressive curve.

1. Shatranj Ke Khiladi

Animated GIF

2. Amar Akbar Anthony

Animated GIF

3. Arth

Animated GIF

4. Mandi

Animated GIF

5. Masoom

Animated GIF

6. Nishant

Animated GIF

7. Fire

Shabana Azmi Fire GIF

8. Saaz

Shabana Azmi Saaz GIF

9. Godmother

Shabana Azmi Godmother GIF

10. 15 Park Avenue

Shabana Azmi 15 Park Avenue GIF

11. Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd. 

Shabana Azmi Honeymoon GIF

12. The Reluctant Fundamentalist

Shabana Azmi Gif GIF

13. Morning Raga

Animated GIF

14. Neerja 

Shabana Azmi Neerja GIF

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