On-Screen Teachers That Taught Us A Lot About Life

We are surrounded by a self absorbed world with insensitive minds. Unquestionably in this apathetic life, teaching proves to be not just a profession but an epitome of humanity. No wonder they are an extremely important facet of any society and their role is both significant and valuable. So here we pay tribute to all the teachers out there who have played a major role in bridging our careers  by showcasing 7 Bollywood teacher-centered movies that will definitely make you miss your teachers .

1. Iqbal

Touching upon the beautiful relationship of teacher-student is the 2005 Bollywood movie Iqbal directed by Nagesh Kukunoor which emphasises on the life of a deaf and mute boy from a village who compassionately aspires to play for the National Cricket Team and is trained by a local “drunkard” who was once a great cricketer. This movie definitely was a source of inspiration for all of us.

2. Black

This Indian drama directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, staring Amitabh Bachchan and Rani Mukherjee is another example of brilliant cinema by Bhansali. From tears to laughter this movie gave us a roller coaster ride of emotions all together. However the story of this stimulating film revolves around deaf blind girl and her bond with her teacher. The relationship between the two is complex and simple at the same time, with the teacher helping the pupil reach notches unbelievable and the student in turn being there when the teacher goes through his own struggles!

3. Taare Zameen Par

Starring Aamir Khan and Darsheel Safary  as the leading actors, this movie is iconic and beautifully conveys a message of hope that stands eternal. However this motivating movie portrayed the bond between a patient and encouraging teacher and a gifted student suffering from dyslexia. By the phenomenal performance of both the actors, Taare Zameen Par has been a recipient of several deserved accolades.

4. Chak De India

Chak De! These words still echo in our minds when we discuss about movies about sports. The 2007 movie is inspired by a true story, looking at the anchor of Indian women Hockey Team and their journey to win the World Cup. Kabir Khan- the Coach is played by none other than Shahrukh Khan; one who never loses hope on his team despite him facing resistance from the very player themselves!

5. Paathshaala

Paathshaala is a 2010 Indian drama film that stars Shahid Kapoor and Ayesha Takia as the main lead. The story of the movie focuses on the Indian education system and its shortcomings, while reflecting the bond between teachers and students who understand each other’s problems and stand by each other!

6. Chalk N Duster

The movie Chalk n Duster is a must watch, even thought it wasn’t a mass hit, it was no short of a critically profound movie. Starring actors like Shabana Azmi and Juhi Chawla, the film talks about the communication between teachers and students highlighting the problems that they share, and the pitfalls they find themselves into!

7. Hichki

It stars Rani Mukherji in the leading role of an aspiring teacher suffering from the Tourette syndrome. The movie reflects the journey of a teacher who proves herself by educating a group of unprivileged students and not only does she teach them in a different manner but also adds value to her lessons!

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