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PETA Declares Anushka Sharma & Kartik Aaryan The Hottest Vegetarians Of 2018

Yes, vegetarians are a near-extinct species and yes, they might not know the goodness that is protein meat, but hey! Vegetarians still exist. Moreover, they are in the league of Anushka Sharma and Kartik Aaryan, who have just won the PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) award for the hottest celebrities who are vegetarian for the year 2018.

The PETA hottest vegetarians list is an open forum wherein a number of celebrities are shortlisted for going meat-free and embracing the vegetarian route to life. The poll is then laid open for public votes, and the celebrity with the most votes is awarded the title. If this isn’t incentive enough, we don’t know what is!

Anushka Sharma has always been a supporter of vegetarianism, even on her Instagram profile where she regularly encourages people to embrace the vegetarian route. And Kartik Aaryan winning this award, just makes us all the more happy!