This Is How Prabhas Feels About Keeping Up With Shraddha Kapoor On The Dance Floor

Caught in conversation with GoodTimes, when asked what it was like for him to match steps with Shraddha Kapoor, Prabhas said “I was always away from her.” The actor danced for shorter sequences in ‘Saaho’.

Prabhas shares Shraddha Kapoor does not need to rehearse much.”I’m a very clumsy fellow and she’s a very good dancer”, said Prabhas. “I managed to do very less steps to let the dancer dance”.

Shraddha added that Prabhas always makes sure she is comfortable. “It’s amazing how much he will look out for you”. She further shares that Prabhas did extremely well. “He’s giving me way more credit than I deserve, ” Shraddha went on to say.

After the launch of the first song of Saaho Psycho Saiyaan, a song with Jacqueline Fernandez, Bad Boy was also released by the makers.

Talking about the song and working with Prabhas, Jacqueline was quoted saying, “Prabhas works relentlessly till he gets things right. It was crazy and fun. Though there is action around the song and I love throwing in kicks and punches, I’m not part of any action sequences here. I was just very nervous as to how we’d do this because I had to get my Telugu lines right. I couldn’t do it without being fully ready, but I was pleasantly surprised that I could nail my lines in the first take.”

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