It Happened When I Was Very Young: Priyanka Chopra On Sexual Harassment

Priyanka Chopra was a speaker at the annual ‘Women In The World’ Summit in New York. The actress opened up about sexual harassment that she has faced, however, she is glad that this conversation is out in the open and it is happening. 

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Sexual harassment had become a norm with women. Now, because of the support we are giving each other, people don’t have the power to shut us down. And that’s an incredibly powerful thing to see.

On being asked if Priyanka Chopra herself has faced any such experiences, she said-

Everybody in this room has probably faced one because it had become a norm with women. We always had a voice. Just nobody heard us. Now if I have a story I don’t feel I am alone anymore – and I am not ashamed of it.

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In an earlier interview, Priyanka had spoken about the entire #MeToo movement and her stand about the same. Priyanka feels that the film industry is wrongly accused about being the only ones involved in the movement. The #MeToo movement is not limited to industry, and women across fields face the same in every sphere.

It happened when I was very young. I think people assuming that it’s very current and wondering why I am not talking about it… that’s a lot of expectation. Every woman in our country has dealt with it and I’m sure not everyone wants to talk about it publicly.

On the work front, Priyanka Chopra will be seen in The Sky Is Pink opposite Farhan Akhtar. She has also signed a Hollywood film opposite Mindy Kaling, which she will also be co-producing.

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