Confirmed! Priyanka Chopra To Play Maa Anand Sheela In An Upcoming Web Film

Priyanka Chopra is all set to play Maa Anand Sheela in an upcoming Amazon Studios film titled Sheela. The Barry Levinson directorial will see Priyanka Chopra as also one of the producers of the film.

The actor had first spoken about the project on a popular talk show. Priyanka Chopra had earlier said, “I am developing a feature film with Barry Levinson. He did Rain Man and he is an iconic American director. And we are developing it as the character of Sheila, who was this guru (Osho) who originated from India, his right-hand woman and she was just devious and created a whole cult in America and brought people here. He was called Osho. I am developing that next for me to star in and produce in which I think would be really cool.”

However, she had refrained from giving out further details on the same. Recently, opening up about the same, Priyanka Chopra reportedly revealed that the project happened to her by destiny rather than design, at a time when she was exploring powerful scripts. She credited Oscar-winning director Barry Levinson for approaching her for the movie. Levinson, who will be directing the project, has been researching and developing this project for a while and they apparently approached PC to develop with them.

The actor further added that it will be a while before the project goes on floors, given that the subject demands exhaustive research.

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