Amidst Controversy, Producer Ekta Kapoor Says The Name ‘Mental Hai Kya’ Suits The Film Better

Ekta Kapoor’s upcoming film ‘Judgemental Hai Kya‘, earlier called ‘Mental Hai Kya’, has been amidst a lot of controversy ahead of its release. And now it seems a fed up Ekta wants to ‘go back to the original title’ as it ‘suits the film better.

After sharing first looks, posters and a very intriguing trailer – producer Ekta Kapoor was evidently in a happy space until the release event of The Wakhra Song – where a disturbing incident involving one of the lead actors, led to a collective boycott of the said actor, by the media. This, however, seems to have dampened the spirit of the producer, who now wants to rename her film to its original title Mental Hai Kya, saying that ‘it suits the film better’, and we’re wondering if these are random musings or a subtle dig at the boycotted actor.

The name of the film was changed after the Central Board of Film Certification found it to be a ‘little harsh’ due to the word ‘Mental’. The Rajkummar Rao starrer is due for release on July 26.

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