“I Haven’t Done Anything That’s So Path-Breakingly Bold,” Says Radhika Apte

Brand endorsements to web series to films – Radhika Apte has her platter full. The actress was in conversation with Goodtimes, wherein she spoke about how her roles have been wrongly touted to be ‘bold’ when in fact they are not. 

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The actress said that she doesn’t understand why she has got the tag of doing ‘bold’ roles, when actually everything she has worked on is quite the opposite.

I haven’t done anything that is so pathbreakingly bold. I’ve played characters which are very relatable, very around us. I don’t know if it has got to do with nudity, to be very honestly speaking. Because that is the mindset.

But the actress agrees that the term ‘bold’ is subjective to the times and context it is placed in. She exemplifies, “No make-up was bold for a while, and now it’s getting more regular. So I think when you’re not following the norms, per se, they call you bold. But when you question a norm, anybody will say that it doesn’t make sense.”

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Her work life aside, the actress chooses not to have her personal life on display on social media unlike some other actors of her genre. She spoke about her husband-

I don’t like my personal relationship at display at all. People are too judgmental anyway, and secondly none of them exist. And thirdly, people who I am in a relationship with – whether it’s my husband or my friends or my family, they are not necessarily comfortable with it. I just don’t like the idea of it.

Talking about her films, she says a lot of announcements are headed the way of her fans! “Hopefully Shantaram will start. Another series I’m doing but I haven’t signed it so I can’t speak about it. And there are a couple of films in the pipeline which I’m trying to figure out, so let’s see.” On the web series front, when the actress was asked whether she would like to work in the Indian remake of popular series Fleabag, she said, “I think people shouldn’t copy, just find their own ideas. Do your own ideas!”

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