Looks Like Actress Radhika Apte Has No Clue About Millennial Slang

Recently, Radhika Apte made an appearance on Netflix India’s chat show – The Brand New Show. The actor indulged in a candid chat with the host and comedian Abish Mathew, the actor shared anecdotes from her personal life and her experiences while shooting.

Amidst all the fun and banter, the host quizzed Radhika Apte on her millennial lingo skills and guess what? Who expected Radhika Apte to not know today’s lingo and slang?

Abish Mathew asked her the full-forms of ROFL and LMFAO, the actor struggled to get them right and took help from the audience. Stay tuned and catch the fun conversation on The Brand New Show on Thursday, 26th December at 6:30 PM only on Netflix’s Youtube channel.

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