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10 Rajinikanth Dance Moves That Prove No One’s Better Than Thalaiva. Mind It!

If there was a name we could put to the movement and the feeling that is “Thalaiva”, the boss – honestly, it would be a struggle. How does he, a single Rajinikanth, do so much and still stay so humble and grounded is something many fail to understand. He’s got a crazy-ass fan following, he’s got the power to be on time even when he’s late, he’s got the power of several movies under his belt, he’s got the stunt-skills; and to top it all off, he’s got them moves! Check out some of these awe-inspiring moves from Rajinikanth’s path-breaking movies.

1. 2.0

Giving robots some major dancing goals!

2. Enthiran

This one’s our favourite! It’s so easy.

3. Kaala

For when you wanna escape, but don’t wanna look like you’re running away.

4. Baasha

Look left, right, left – before you cross the road!

5. Muthu

If you don’t wish to dance, just stand in a corner and laugh – LIKE THAT!

6. Chandramukhi

Aye meri zohrajabi, what?

7. Lingaa

Uff, his cowboy moves have got us hooked!

8. Andha Kanoon

For when you want to declare your love, and yet be casual!

9. Veera

Statutory Warning: Do Not Try This At Home!

10. Mappilai

Beat that, now!



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