Finally! Ranbir Breaks His Silence Over Kangana’s Remarks

After maintaining a diplomatic silence over Kangana Ranaut’s remarks, Ranbir Kapoor has finally responded. The actor, however, chose to do it indirectly.
Kangana Ranaut has, on multiple occasions, attacked Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor for not sharing their opinions on politics. Ranbir in response told a leading daily, “Whatever anyone asks me I do answer it. I don’t have any interest in giving answers to these questions. People can say whatever they want. I know who I am and what I say.”
In an interview in the past, Ranbir Kapoor had said that he “doesn’t follow politics as it doesn’t make a difference in my life”. Kangana had taken a jibe calling his statement “irresponsible” adding that an actor’s responsibility does not end with featuring in a film.
Kangana had also taken to calling Alia’s Gully Boy performance ‘mediocre’, but when asked to respond Alia had said, “She is entitled to her opinion, maybe she thought this way. I’d rather focus on my work”.
Meanwhile, Kangana Ranaut starrer Mental Hai Kya is slated for a June 26 release, which comes with its own share of controversies after the actor made it a personal battle against actor Hrithik Roshan whose Super 30, was slated to release the same day.

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