6 Times Ranbir Kapoor Taught Us That It’s Okay To Be Lost

“Not all those who wander are lost”.. so the saying goes. We have all wandered, got lost in our quest, stood at the edge of the cliff and taken a leap of faith. Ranbir Kapoor’s filmography has proved, time and again, and in various contexts, that being lost is totally normal. Whether lost in the wilderness, being directionless and confused, lovelorn, or in search of your true self, we have been there and so has Ranbir Kapoor. It’s okay to take a step back and figure things out for yourself, and it is perfectly okay even if you don’t want to. Here are six Ranbir Kapoor films which prove this thought to be true-

1. Confused in Life – Wake Up Sid!

Fresh out of college with two compartment exams, spoilt brat Sid played by Ranbir Kapoor had no idea what he wanted to do in life. He was willing to do anything except the one path charted for him – his father’s business. But, as he tries to defy the norm, Sid takes life one step at a time, slowly but steadily figuring things out for himself and not what’s expected of him.

2. Honour in Honesty – Rocket Singh

It is not easy to give up on your ideals even when everyone is telling you otherwise, but Rocket Singh managed to do exactly that! He found his calling in an all-new sales strategy that nobody in his company believed he could pull off. He stuck by his values of being, honesty and hardworking, unaffected by the practices of bribery and extortion that were taught to him by his seniors. Refusing to get lost by what others told him was Rocket Singh’s unique ability, and needless to say, he nailed it and how!

3. Desire in Dreams – Rockstar

Jordan or Janardhan had a burning desire – that of becoming a musician. He left no stone unturned to pursue his passion, but it seemed he was lacking somewhere. Art or Music needs to be felt, but how does he bring that feeling in? Love, heartbreak, as life spirals out of control and Jordan sets on a path of self destruction. It seems he had broken the old and emerge out of the trappings he had set for himself. The song Nadaan Parindey was Jordan’s journey as he finds his way back.

4. Enveloped in Emotions – Barfi!

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Barfi is a simpleton, in love with the thought of being in love and the object of his affection Shruti only to have his heartbroken. But, does he lose himself? Yes, briefly. But he learns a lesson that true love is unconditional, without expectations; and it’s the small things in life which enrich you, he finds it all through. Jhimil who teaches him ‘Life is Beautiful’, you just need to know how to live it! The film gave a message about the importance of trust – and how life is meant to be lived simply, without any regrets.

5. Searching for Soul – Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani 

On a relentless quest to find who and what he desires, Bunny is a a boy in search of himself and what he really wants for himself.  His passion for travel and ambition take him on a wild ride, but he has to make some tough choices and sacrifices to pursue it.

6. Mired in Monotony – Tamasha

It’s a tough task to get out of the mundane everyday realities that face you, pursue your  passion and not get entrapped in conventions. Ved in Tamasha struggles in and out of various circumstances and situations, but emerges victorious through it all with help from Tara, who teaches him it’s okay to be unconventional in a conventional world.

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