Ranveer Says He Hoards Clothes; Deepika Admits To Borrowing Stuff From Him

On-screen or off, Deepika Padukone never disappoints us with her fashion sense. Bollywood’s ‘it’ girl makes us want to say ‘atta girl’ whenever we spot her. 

When she is not wearing floaty gowns with fancy embellishments in pretty pastels and you see her dressed down in t-shirts or hoodies, throw caution! They might just be Ranveer Singh’s! Deepika Padukone recently admitted that she borrows a lot of his sweatshirts and tees.

Well, good for her because she is never running out of options. Not just because she would have a couple dozen of her own, but also because husband Ranveer Singh in a recent interview with GoodTimes admitted that he is a ‘hoarder’. He never throws his clothes after a wear or two. Calling himself ‘a big hoarder’, he said ‘there’s only incoming, no outgoing’. Made for each other, aren’t they?

Watch the full interview right here –

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