Ranveer Launches His Own Music Label, Senior Bachchan Praises His Fashion Sense

‘Gully Boy’ aka Ranveer Singh has taken his love for music to another level. The actor has teamed up with Navzar Eranee to launch their passion project, an independent music record label called IncInk.

Rap and hip-hop are the biggest thing happening in Indian music today. The label will look to dig up the future stars of the music scene in India and present their raw talent to a global audience.

Redefining Indian rap and hip-hop, dragging it out of the cliches around girls and alcohol, to the real stories of the streets, Ranveer’s recent release, Gully Boy, told the story of two rappers, Naezy and Divine. Rap is a way India’s speaking against class structures, injustice, and social atrocities. It is the voice of India, from the streets of India that you just can’t ignore anymore.

As an outsider in Bollywood, I have always wanted to do my bit to bring out and support the outstanding talent that we have in every street of our country. So, when Navzar and I came up with the idea of IncInk, it appealed to my core, my heart. IncInk is my passion, and I intend to use this platform to give as many artistes, from across the country, a chance to dazzle India with their talent.

He added, “The first 3 exceptional talents being launched are Kaam Bhari, SlowCheeta and Spitfire and I’m a huge fan of their music. We intend to sign and promote several more artists, who are exploring various genres of music, in the days to come and showcase their beautiful music to India and the world.”

Ranveer Singh took to his Instagram handle to announce the record label’s launch. An excited Deepika Padukone had commented, “The sleepless nights,the hours of debate…to witness your dream become a reality…you have no idea how proud I am of the both of you!I’m sorry I cannot be with you’ll today but know that I am with you’ll with all my heart and in spirit…today and forever…❤️ “.

Ranveer, who turns a global entrepreneur with his music venture, is also Bollywood’s beloved fashion icon. Amitabh Bachchan on Friday re-tweeted a photograph of himself wearing sunglasses from the 70s era.

Praising Ranveer’s fashion aesthetic, “Never ever get rid of your old sun glares (I did). All of them repeat in time. This picture was in the 1970s and I see many similar glares in fashion now. Particularly on my dear friend and superstar Ranveer Singh!” Amitabh tweeted.

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