Ranveer Singh Calls Ranbir Kapoor His Favourite Bollywood Actor

Ranveer Singh is riding high for ‘Gully Boy’ promotions. At one such recent promotional event at a well-known FM channel, Ranveer Singh was asked about the first thing that came to his mind about Ranbir Kapoor. And he went all out to praise his contemporary actor! 

“Talent, superlative talent. I love Ranbir Kapoor and he is my favourite actor. He is a top guy,” said Ranveer Singh about Ranbir Kapoor. The duo share a camaraderie which several actors are envious of, and have even appeared together on national television on a popular chat show.

The episode was proof that they are exact opposites. While Ranveer was bursting with energy and being his usual explosive self, Ranbir Kapoor was calm and composed.

On being asked about one relationship advice that Ranveer Singh could offer his contemporary, the former had this to say, “RK is his own person; he has seen life; he does not need advice from anyone else.” Well, 100 extra points to Ranveer Singh for honesty!

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