Watch: After Ranveer Singh In ‘Gully Boy’, Shah Rukh Khan Turns Rapper!

Ranveer Singh has given birth to a rap movement in the country with his highly successful film ‘Gully Boy’ that released in February this year. And now, Shah Rukh Khan is following suit. Read on.

Ranveer Singh has, through his music and songs, inspired a host of young rappers to contribute to the movement! The rap talent of India also got space in the film Gully Boy, in the song – India 91, where ninety-one of the talented young rappers featured. Ranveer Singh also announced a collaboration and a new label to promote the rap artists, under the name IncInk.

As it turns out, these are not the only people who have been inspired by Ranveer to take on rapping! Shah Rukh Khan, too, has joined the rap movement in his own unique way. Wondering whether it’s for a film or not? Well, you couldn’t be farther from the truth! Shah Rukh Khan has launched a new rap song encouraging people to go out these elections and vote for their leaders.

“Main thoda late ho gaya video banane mein…aap mat hona Vote karne mein!!! Voting is not only our Right, it is our Power,” read the actor’s caption on Twitter.

Watch the full song here-

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