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Raveena Tandon Lashes Out At ‘Mean Girls Gang’, ‘Dirty Politics’ In Bollywood

Actress Raveena Tandon recently posted a series of tweets where she exposed the dark side of Bollywood. she spoke about the hardships that come with fame and success.

“mean girl gangs” in the industry. There are camps. People are made fun of and removed from films by the heroes and their girlfriends.

‘People spread fake stories in the media in attempts to destroy other people’s careers and they are often successful’. She said that one has to struggle to remain afloat. When people fight back, some survive and some don’t. She used the hashtag “oldwoundsrevisited” to emphasise on her point.

She said that when someone speaks out and tells the truth, they are called liars, psychotic or mad. “Chamcha journos write pages and pages destroying all the hard work that you might have done”, she wrote. She added that she is grateful for all that the industry has given her. She was born in the industry but the “dirty politics played by some” leave a “sour taste” in her mouth.

She wrote that words such as “insiders” and “outsiders” are used. However, despite she herself being born within the industry and being an “insider”, she has faced these problems too. Nevertheless, she fought back, in spite of the many attempts to bury her. She kept fighting back. Raveena added that there are “dirty politics” everywhere, but she “roots for good to win, and evil to lose.”

This article has been contributed by Afrah Mundewadi, a 12th standard student of The Shri Ram School, Gurugram.

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