Richa Chadha Reveals Why Actors Don’t Respond To Social Media Trolls

Richa Chadha is quite the ‘troll-slayer’ on social media, and she has no qualms about giving them a piece of their mind! In an interview with Goodtimes, she was asked about her ‘fearless’ social media avatar, and she said, “But why to be fearful? I’m not saying anything wrong.” However, there are some instances when silence, rather than reaction, is the chosen path for the actress. Wondering what? Read on! 

The actress is known to have a flaring temper, and she agrees that someone should give her a ‘pitchfork’ to suit her tag. In the interview, she said that she has infinite amounts of patience, but when she loses it there’s no limit to her ire. Richa Chadha says she only takes to social media to respond in certain situations that require her to do so.
You’ll only see me responding if I feel that someone has misquoted me or misrepresented me. That’s the only time I will actually engage and clarify my stand.
Richa Chadha further feels that actors are expected to be an encyclopedia of knowledge on every subject under the sun. She never understands the need to be questioned on every topic under the sun! She narrated an incident with regards to the same-
It happened even after our press conference for our trailer launch. We get asked about GDP, floods, weather, satellite launch. I mean I really feel like it’s a big GK Exam every time I have to face the press. And then they wonder why actors keep quiet. Maybe few months down the line, I’ll be like it’s not worth it – let’s not do any interviews, let’s not talk at all!

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