Saif Ali Khan, Siddhanth Chaturvedi & Bhumi Pednekar Have A Message To Give You

With great fame comes great responsibility, and this was exactly the driving force behind these three famous Bollywood celebrities coming together to collaborate for a good cause! Saif Ali Khan, Bhumi Pednekar, and Siddhanth Chaturvedi were part of a campaign to get people to vote. 

The trio held a panel discussion with the press at the event, where Saif spoke about the importance of voting, especially for the youth. “Not voting shouldn’t be an option. You can really affect change. I think one of the things that any government or any leader should fear and be really aware of is the power of unity in this country,” said the actor.


“We get together, have this union and decide and discuss to vote, suddenly we will become important to these guys and they’ll fear you. So use that and look after your country,” said Saif Ali Khan at the event.

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