The Khan-Trio Proves It’s Okay For Celebrities To Sometimes Travel Like The Aam Aadmi

You know it’s a regular day for the Khans when they travel in swanky cars with VIP sirens blasting around them. However, this day for them was slightly different! The two Khans – Salman Khan and Aamir Khan – freed themselves of the clutches of stardom and took to normal means of transport to travel in and around the city of Mumbai. Needless to say, social media could not keep calm!

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Salman Khan was spotted around town, cycling all the way from his home to Yash Raj studios. The purpose of his bicycle tour was to raise awareness about health, and also to encourage people about being fit and its importance thereof. This was also done for a fitness brand that Salman Khan is planning to launch under his already existing label of Being Human.

Aamir Khan, on the other hand, surprised everyone when he took an economy class flight to travel to his requisite destination.

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Aamir Khan was caught by surprise with all the attention he was receiving from fellow economy class travelers. People lauded him for his simplicity, but he did not seem to think it was such a big deal. Aamir Khan, who has previously been associated with multiple social causes, recently tied up with Paani Foundation, an effort in the direction of water conservation and prevention of droughts.

Shah Rukh Khan, too, had something to say about the entire fiasco of people making a big deal out of celebrities travelling via public transport – in this case, the stunts the actor pulled off in a taxi in one of his films. He took to Twitter to reply to a fan’s video of him from the film Anjaam, which looked quite effortless but was seemingly dangerous.

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Is it really a big deal when celebrities travel through commonplace modes of transport? Or do you think we should dispel the thoughts of VIP culture in its entirety? Tell us in the comments below!