You’re Never Too Big To Ask For Work: Salman Khan Tells Pranutan Bahl

Caught in a conversation with GoodTimes, the Notebook co-stars, Pranutan Bahl and Zaheer Iqbal were asked if Salman Khan had given the newcomers any advice. Read through!

Salman recently told Pranutan something, ‘just remember, Pranu however successful you get and whatever you achieve, you’re never too big enough to ask for work. So, always ask. Always feel like you need it because you do, you’re never too successful to not want to work or need work’, recalls Pranutan Bahl. Salman gave the debutante his own example. He asks for work, he had told her. Pranutan’s parents advise the actress to ‘only be honest’, her parents have always asked her to ‘learn to value’ things.

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‘Don’t let success go to your head and failure go to your heart. Don’t get bothered or bogged down by the negatives and¬†don’t get too excited with the positives’, remembered Zaheer Iqbal as he shared the best advice he has recieved from Salman Khan. Salman also asked Iqbal to ‘stay humble and don’t react to everything’. Pranutan nodded as she added, ‘he imbibes that, Zaheer doesn’t read comments.’ Zaheer takes the negatives as positives. On the other hand, Pranutan, who’s seen active on social media, stated, ‘I like being on social media, I like to know what’s up on Instagram’.

Iqbal, as he would like to say in his own words, ‘happened to be at the right place at the right time’. Dancing at his sister’s wedding, he had also made a video with his best friend. As soon as Zaheer got off the stage, a happy looking Salman came to say,

You belong in front of the camera. Leave whatever you are doing and join the movies. I am going to launch you. Once you’re done with the wedding just come meet me and start your training.

That’s exactly what the Zaheer did, he proclaimed. ‘I just left everything and started training.’


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