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AbRam Makes Faces At The Paparazzi & His Expressions Are Hilarious

AbRam – the youngest child of Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan – was spotted on his way to Salman Khan’s Christmas party. While the star-kid has been seen accompanying his father on many occasions, and has waved at the media from his roof-top on SRK’s birthday – he chose to greet them in a different way this time around – by sticking his tongue out at them! 

At first he was busy doing his own thing. Looking adorable as ever, in a red sweater. AbRam was on his way to attending Salman Khan’s Christmas party, accompanied by his nanny, bodyguard and driver.

Then he spotted the paps – and without a smile or a wave – the kid straight away started making faces at the photographers.

He moved his head from side to side and stuck his tongue out at the cameras, leaving the paparazzi in splits.

While Shah Rukh Khan recently said that his elder son does not want to become an actor – his younger one is quite the method-actor, we must say.

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