Salman Khan Calls The COVID-19 Situation ‘Zindagi Ka Bigg Boss’, Shares Important Message

While actor Salman Khan has been doing all that he can to help out those in need amidst the ongoing nationwide lockdown in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the actor also takes to his social media handles from time to time, to share important messages regarding the same, with his followers.

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So in a 9-minute long video, the actor recently posted on Instagram, Salman, who began by referring to the current situation as ‘zindagi ka Bigg Boss’, said that while most people are sitting at home, there are some who are violating the rules of the lockdown – and that is a big cause for concern.

The superstar had a strong-worded message for the those venturing out of their homes, with of course, an appeal to stay home, stay safe.

Listen to Salman Khan’s full message, below.

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