Salman Khan Slaps A Security Guard, And Twitter Is Divided

Salman Khan was seen exiting a cinema hall recently and the video footage of the same surfaced. It showed Salman Khan slapping a security guard for mishandling a young ‘Bhai’ fan. Though the footage is not clear and the reason for slapping remains unknown, have a look-

Some fans of Bhai supported Khan by saying that he is a ‘true human being’, praising him for being caring towards his fans and making sure they are treated properly. Another fan went to the extent of saying that the video was one of the ‘million’ reasons they loved bhai. However, another section of people on social media said that the move was unwelcome and that the security guard was just doing his job. They went on to call bhai ‘uncultured’ and urged people to not fall prey to his antics. Here are some of the replies.

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