’83 Actor Saqib Saleem Reveals Interesting Childhood Details Involving Virat Kohli

Actor Saqib Saleem, who is all set to play cricketer Mohinder Amarnath in Kabir Khan’s ‘83, reveals his cricketing connection dates to his school days. The actor has said that during his childhood in Delhi, he used to play cricket with Virat Kohli.

“Virat and me are the same age. We were playing cricket in Delhi at the same time, Ishaan Sharma and all these boys. Of course, Virat was always touted to this be mega blockbuster player who will play for the country one day. As in anybody who used to look at him, would say, ‘yeh toh India khelega.”

Saqib Saleem continues to say, “When he was 12 or 13,  he was that good. Ishaan Sharma was at that point called ‘lambu’, because he was really tall and really fast. So a played a year from Delhi, U-19, and then I moved to Jammu and Kashmir.” Revealing interesting bits, he said then “I played opposite all these people, Ishaan Sharma and all.”

“Cricket is a game I am madly in love with,” the actor joyfully adds. Saqib Saleem also revealed that it was in college that he drifted away from the sport. It was due to all the fun he was used to having in college, he shares.

Watch the full interview, below.

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