Sara Ali Khan Gets Candid About Her Ex-Boyfriend And Current Relationship Status

Sara Ali Khan is known to be cool, calm, candid, and composed in her interviews, she is known for her quirky sense of humor and honest responses. The actress recently gave out details of her current relationship status and ex-boyfriend, Veer Pahariya. 

“He’s the only one I have dated. I have had no other boyfriends in my life,” Sara Ali Khan said in an interview to Filmfare‘s editor Jitesh Pillaai. Veer Pahariya, is the son of businessman Sanjay Pahariya, who is the son of former Chief Minister of Maharashtra Sushil Kumar Shinde. Veer Pahariya’s brother, Shikhar Pahariya was also said to be dating Janhvi Kapoor, in the past.

On being questioned about her current relationship status, Sara Ali Khan revealed, “..if I’m not single you think I’m dating people, isn’t it? But I’m single. I’m not dating anybody.”

Sara Ali Khan also admitted that she hasn’t yet suffered from a heartbreak in her two decades of existence. “Didn’t, hasn’t happened yet. My heart has not broken, I swear.”

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