GT Exclusive: Sara Ali Khan & Kartik Aaryan Reveal What They Mean To Each Other

When asked what is Kartik for Sara and Sara for Kartik , the ‘Love Aaj Kal’ co-stars quickly responded.

Sara Ali Khan said “He’s almost like a mirror”. The actor praised Kartik Aaryan for being as real as it gets. “He doesn’t give joothi tareef or anything like that. He says it as it is. So, which can be refreshing but it’s also different”.

Kartik Aaryan, on the other hand, said “Yeh zyada tareef karti hai, to be honest. Yeh mujhe lagta hai jahan nahi bhi hona hota yeh wahan bhi tareef karti hai. Aur main isko uss cheez ke liye rokta hoon.”

When talking about what love means to them in today’s day and age, both the actors had the same opinion.

Sara Ali Khan, who went on to answer first, said “I think in today’s day and age, it has become different. I think life moves pretty quickly and there’s never just one thing happening at one time, but in an ideal scenario, which needn’t be the real scenario, love is such that the noise around you should temporarily stop.”

Kartik Aaryan said, “I think it has to be felt, truly”. Further adding, “I feel we should live in the moment.”

Watch Sara and Kartik’s full interview, below. 

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