SRK Says He’s Not Someone Who Should Be Credited With Good Films Right Now

Shah Rukh Khan exudes wit and charm everywhere he goes. If he knows what to say about his successes with modesty, he also knows how to talk about his failures with grace. That is exactly what happened at the trailer launch of a new Marathi film – ‘Smile Please’, at which Shah Rukh Khan was invited to speak along with filmmaker-designer Vikram Phadnis. 

While the duo chatted backstage, Shah Rukh had asked Vikram whether he made a good film or not, “The first thing I asked Vikram is that acchi picture banaayi ya nahi.” He was quick to critique his own flops in recent times, and made a witty addition to the question, “Not that I’m someone who should be right now credited with good films.”

Shah Rukh Khan said that the main aim of making a film was to invoke feelings of compassion, love, togetherness, and goodness – which is actually what Vikram Phadnis has attempted with his film Smile Please.

“I told him to make action and comedy films, but he said, ‘I made this film from my heart’, so I think there is no better film in the world when it comes from the heart, so I hope this film reaches everybody.”

The actor has known Phadnis for quite some time now. He spoke about their relationship-

“While driving here, I was telling my wife that I don’t know why I feel love for him. I don’t spend time with him, I’ve known him for 20 years now. He has created a very big name for himself as a designer and to me, anyone who becomes a filmmaker, becomes very dear.”

In other news, sources suggest that Shah Rukh Khan’s eldest son Aryan Khan might be joining his production company Red Chillies Entertainment in the near future. It is rumoured that he has been making several visits to the company’s office in suburban Mumbai. A source revealed to a leading entertainment website –

He started taking interests in reading scripts, meeting people to discuss content and understanding the movie business. He has been representing the production house at meetings concerning new projects under the company’s banner.

Watch this space for more.

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