Tamil Films To AbRam: Shah Rukh Khan’s Twitter Session Was A Mixed Bag Of Responses

It was a field day for Shah Rukh Khan’s followers, as the actor held an Ask-Me-Anything session on Twitter. His responses were funny, quick-witted and right on point! Here are some of the interesting ones- 

On Films

The actor has been talking about several projects in the pipeline, and he reiterated the same when he was asked about it.

The fans then questioned him about the kind of movie he would like to make, to which he said-

When a fan asked him why he has bid goodbye to Bollywood, the actor quite wittily responded saying-

Fans were trying their level best to get something out of him on his upcoming projects. When he was asked for a hint on which film he will be working on, he said-

Meanwhile, another fan had a suggestion for Shah Rukh Khan- he said that the actor should pick up projects which match his calibre. To this, Shah Rukh graciously responded-

He didn’t hesitate from pulling the leg of some fans who asked him whether he was doing ‘Dhoom 4’.

Another fan congratulated him on his many doctorates that he has received in recent times, and enquired whether he would be making Don 3. Shah Rukh Khan, yet again, took the witty route and said-

On AbRam Khan

Shah Rukh Khan’s youngest son AbRam Khan is quite popular on social media. Twitterati asked him various questions with respect to his son, including when they would work in a film together. To this, Shah Rukh laughingly said-

Another Twitter user asked when Shah Rukh would be coming to watch WWE. The actor readily agreed and hoped he would be able to bring his son AbRam along when he came of legal age.

Shah Rukh Khan has always reiterated about his family being brought up like any normal family. He was asked by a Twitter user which film of his has son AbRam seen, Shah Rukh said-

On South Films

The actor professed a newfound love for stars and films of the South. A Twitter user enquired what he thinks about popular actor Dhanush, to which Shah Rukh said-

Similarly, the actor showered praises on superstar Thalapathy Vijay, describing him as-

When he was asked to give one word for superstar Ajith, Shah Rukh said-

All this led to the penultimate question – is Tamil cinema on the actor’s mind? Shah Rukh Khan replied, with a hint of sarcasm-

On Being An Inspiration & Future Plans

The actor was showered with compliments and wishes from all his followers. One such follower said to him that he was the inspiration behind the former’s going for drama rehearsals every day. To this, Shah Rukh Khan hilariously said-

The actor is also apparently working on a book, which an eager fan questioned him about. To this he said that he would try and finish it soon.

The actor finally bid farewell and took leave from the session!

He thanked followers for their wishes for his wife Gauri Khan on her birthday. He ended on a happy note, passing on his love and wishes to all his fans.

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