Shah Rukh Khan Responds To Fan’s Tweet, Promised To Speak To Him Soon!

King Khan has an avid fan base. The star who often takes to his twitter handle to interact with fans. One such fan had one unique request. The fan was making desperate attempts to reach out to Shah Rukh Khan, in an effort to connect King Khan with his specially-abled brother. The fan, named Amrit, had actually put out one video everyday for 143 days at a stretch! 

Shah Rukh Khan responded to Amrit’s tweet, apologizing for not seeing it earlier. The actor replied –

“Sorry Amrit I hadn’t seen your video. Please give my regards to mummyji and I will figure out and speak to Raju soon.”

Amrit’s happiness was there for all to see, and well we certainly hope his brother Raju gets his wish fulfilled!

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