Shah Rukh Khan Says His Son Aryan Doesn’t Have What It Takes To Be An Actor

Revealing interesting details at a popular talk show Shah Rukh Khan went extremely candid about his son in the one-hour standalone Netflix special.

Aryan Khan, who is currently studying films in the US, doesn’t want to be an actor. Shah Rukh said that though his son is a ‘good writer,’ he doesn’t have what it takes to be an actor. Shah Rukh Khan said, “He doesn’t have what it takes to be an actor and he realises that too but he’s a good writer… I think wanting to be an actor has to come from within. Something you really need to do and find a set of skill that helps you do it and learn it. But I think I realised it from him when he said that to me.”

“His issue was, which I think is very very practical and honest, every time I will be compared to you. So if I do well it will not be because I got skilled at this but it will be like, obviously he is the son so he will do well. It’s in the genes,” Shah Rukh Khan went on to say.

He further added, “And if I don’t do well it will always be like ‘my God look at him. what his father did and what is he doing . So he says I don’t want to be in this position.”

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman featuring Shah Rukh Khan aired on Netflix on October 25.

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