Shah Rukh Khan & Rihanna Together In A Music Video? Sounds Fun!

Andre Russell is the talk of the town, this IPL season, as he performs phenomenally every time he is at the wicket for his team ‘Kolkata Knight Riders’. During a conversation with GoodTimes recently, the West Indian cricketer opened up on his fashion inspiration and his plans to launch a music album, he revealed another project that is on his bucket list. Read on! 

Andre was asked about the singer on his mind for his next project, and whether he would like to collaborate in the near future with his favourite singer Rihanna. His heart went aflutter at the thought, and he couldn’t help smiling! “That will be amazing! Honestly, that will really be something special,” smiled Russell.

But that isn’t all! Andre not only wants Rihanna in his next single track, but also King Khan! “You know of the legend, Shah Rukh Khan as well. If I do a song with Shah Rukh Khan, that would be like winning the IPL!” We couldn’t agree more, Andre!

So, Andre Russell, Rihanna, and Shah Rukh Khan in a single video? How would that pan out? “That would be a serious mix! That would be dope, honestly. Let’s see what happens”, said Andre Russell.

Andre is not just saying this for the sake of it. He is actually a self-admitted fan of King Khan! He talked about how familiar he was with Shah Rukh even before he met him, and the fact that everyone in Jamaica knew him as well.

I’ve already met the one I wanted to meet – Shah Rukh Khan. Growing up, he was the one who everyone always used to talk about. He is big, not just in India. Even in Jamaica, Trinidad, Guyana – this guy’s name is everywhere. So when I first joined KKR, I was so nervous.

Everything, however, changed when he actually met Shah Rukh Khan. Andre admitted, “But I guess I was just overthinking. He is just a normal human being!”

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