Exclusive: Sonakshi Sinha On Auctioning Her Artwork For COVID-19 Relief

Actor Sonakshi Sinha says she’s been trying to have a productive lockdown by doing her bit to help those in need, as India battles a global pandemic. Sonakshi, who is auctioning her artwork in order to raise funds for COVID-19 relief, opened up on her initiative in an exclusive chat with GOODTiMES.

Upon being asked to elaborate on what inspired her to sell her paintings to help others, Sonakshi said –

It’s the least I can do sitting at home. I am feeling helpless that I can’t help out in so many other ways. Our frontline warriors, our doctors, our healthcare professionals are all at it round the clock, so I was getting really restless thinking what I can do. So I have been painting a lot to keep myself positive, and I had churned out so many paintings, so I thought why not put them to good use, and try and raise funds for people who actually need them.

Watch Sonakshi Sinha’s full interview, below.

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