Sonam Kapoor & Dulquer Salmaan Reveal Their Lovers Are Their ‘Zoya Factor’

Sonam means luck in Tibetan, and the actor is all set to pass on her good fortune to team India as ‘Zoya Solanki’ in her upcoming film alongside Dulquer Salmaan, who will be seen as ‘Nikhil Khoda’.

When asked if they believe in luck and if there’s one thing they are superstitious about in an interview with GoodTimes, Dulquer Salmaan said “I cannot have a future plan with luck, right? So I generally just believe in kind of working hard finding the right films finding what’s the intention of everybody trying to make a good film… I think that’s how I think career wise it goes.

But there have been certain changes. I feel like when I met my wife, I signed my first film in the same month so before in fact I was always apologetic to her about my career because I really haven’t figured out what I want to do, I know that I want to act in one film at least and direct one film at least before I die, these are 2 things I want to do and I would wish your support. She was too young that time.
He went on to reveal what he told his wife when they got married. “I was transparent, I don’t think either of us knew  I would get so busy”
Sonam Kapoor interjected to say “she didn’t know he was going to do 5 films a year” as she laughed. “Because my mom till date says I married a lawyer I didn’t marry an actor, I didn’t sign up for this. Because my dad was a lawyer when they met. He was always passionate about films, that is why I thought I should warn her it was very life changing,” says Dulquer Salmaan as he asserts his wife is his lucky charm. “She is a lucky factor.”
Sonam Kapoor, who thinks her husband is her lucky charm because she was a mess before she met him went on to narrate a comical incident. She says, “My father who is a huge cricket fanatic flew down, he was shooting for this film with Aditya Roy Kapur, I was living in London and my father was like ‘I am flying down to Manchester for 1 day, beta you come with me, you’re lucky’. I said, ‘dad, I have an appointment’. It’s very hard to get appointments in London” she recalled. “I had a facial”, she says as she laughs.

“I was like I cant come, Manchester is far. My poor father who only had that one day, it rained out that day. And they lost the match.” Sonam Kapoor then turned apologetic to say, “I am sorry team India! Unfortunately, Zoya had to get her face done,” she quipped.

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