Amongst All Bolly Celebs, Sonam Kapoor Seems To Be Most Excited For Halloween

It’s Halloween today and while the world is in full spirit of the season, it’s actor Sonam Kapoor who deserves a special mention for her enthusiasm. With her sartorial picks being quite the centre of attention amongst the fashion flock, how could she fail passing some costume inspiration?

Sonam Kapoor began by sharing a picture from her childhood, where she can be seen dressed as Charlie Chaplin. She then moved on to share a picture she had shared with her fans and followers back in 2018, dressed as Chaplin still.

The actor then paid homage to Gotham’s famous supervillian, Joker in what appears to be a low-budget look, provided you are still lurking for some fashion inspiration this Halloween. All one needs is some shaving foam and voila! Sonam Kapoor then chose to stun as Frida Kahlo, a look that came with middle-parted hair and a floral crown, just like the Mexican painter.

Posing then in a ‘Mad Hatter-esque’ look as German actor and singer Marlene Dietrich, Sonam Kapoor could definitely pull this look even post Halloween.

Who says you can’t wear black lipstick? She dressed as Wednesday Addams from the Addams Family next.

No one remains unaware, Sonam Kapoor has talked about her love for Audrey Hepburn and Catherine Hepburn. In her words, her love for fashion happened because of movies. More so, because of the two. Even the actor’s fondness for vintage stuff was encouraged by the iconic characters, so it’s only natural that she shared a Audrey Hepburn inspired look.

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