After Obama & Clooney, Actor Shah Rukh Khan Invited To This American Talk Show

Shah Rukh Khan jetted to New York on Monday to make his debut on David Letterman’s popular talk show, ‘My Guest Needs No Introduction’. 

David is famed for his irreverent sense of humour, and talking about his debut on the show, Shah Rukh revealed, “I’ve watched David Letterman’s late-night talk show for years and I’m a huge fan of his style of interviewing. I’m thrilled, and honoured to share my story with him.”

‘New York calling me,’ the actor had shared in a tweet earlier.

David’s My Guest Needs No Introduction airs on Netflix. After interviewing Shah Rukh Khan in front of a live audience, Letterman said, “The best part of this job that Netflix has been happy to provide for me is to meet people. And after each one of these sessions I think to myself, it is a very smart, very lovely person from whom I have learned things. You would maybe be at the top of that list.”

David has earlier interviewed the likes of former US President Barack Obama and Hollywood actor George Clooney.

On the work front, Shah Rukh is reported working with Farah Khan on her upcoming film which will be produced by Rohit Shetty.