This Is Why Suhana Khan’s Mirror Selfie Is Just Every Normal Person Ever

One can’t trace back exactly the moment when netizins’ love for mirror selfies really began, but it’s long been a trend  EVERYONE caught up with it. And celebrities are no different. Perhaps mirror selfies have been around ever since the dawn of camera phones and social media… 

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Living in the era of ‘candids’, Suhana Khan shared a picture of herself posing in the front of the mirror and we realize, Suhana Khan is us! She is every normal person ever! Oh and the credit card casually hanging around in the back of her not so fancy cover is the proof we needed.

While some just found Suhana’s picture relatable to their own personal habits, his is how fellow netizens reacted on Khan’s fan pages – One social media user commented: “Woh card mujhe de de thakur…(Give that card to me).” Another one wrote, “ATM card in her mobile cover. There’s definitely few crores in it for daily expenses, lucky girl.”

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