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Sushmita Sen Is The Picture Of Everything Svelte, Sexy, and Super-Fit!

Sushmita Sen is an actress who is ageing just right; the model and actress turns 43 today but looks no older than the day she won the Miss Universe Crown way back in 1994! Being the first Indian woman to win the prestigious beauty pageant, she made the country so proud. Her life completely changed after that as she entered Bollywood and entertained us for more than two decades! What’s the secret to her youthful elegance?ย 

It’s not her fashion, or her make-up that gives her the youthful looks – but rather – her awe-inspiring fitness regime! Sushmita Sen continues to rule over our hearts till date with her sartorial fashion choices and mind-blogging fitness quotient. She maintains a healthy lifestyle and inspires everyone to stay fit through her fitness posts on Instagram- and has actually become a fitness inspiration for many. From headstands to push-ups, the actressโ€™s workout regime will certainly make you hit the gym. Here’s a look at some of her awesome posts for fitness.

Now, thatโ€™s called stretching! She is one of the most flexible actors – and she definitely makes no qualms about it.

Ufffff! Look at those back muscles; she is giving major complex to her contemporaries- both men and women!

In this video, she is working on her core strength. Donโ€™t miss her long toned legs in this video!

She is a super-mom, personified. She is teaching her daughter how to do kick-boxing, which is just so COOL!

She is showing her sexy moves in her original song โ€˜DILBARโ€™! We canโ€™t get over her belly dance. Can you?

Turn that world upside down! In this picture, she is doing a headstand- something which we don’t even get close to trying. Truly inspiring!

She regrets missing her workouts – the sign of a true fitness bug inside her.

Just one word after seeing this picture- BOSS LADY!! Oh wait, that’s two.

She is seen doing a bridge pose which is actually really tough! Kudos to her for doing everything to utmost perfection.

In this latest picture of hers, she is doing a headstand with her beau Rohman Shawl! Now thatโ€™s major couple goals right there. Happy birthday, Sushmita Sen!

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