Taapsee Pannu Opens Up On Why She Doesn’t Like To Take Her Boyfriend’s Name

Taapsee Pannu recently made headlines for admitting that she’s indeed in a romantic relationship with a guy who is not from a profession “where people are more curious about him.” Without naming her boyfriend, Taapsee also revealed that “he’s not from here.”

Caught in a conversation with GoodTimes, the actor says “I have been talking about my relationship status since years. Media suddenly wakes up and then, as I said, because he is not a Bollywood actor, not a cricketer so nobody’s interested. They’re not interested to talk about it. I have never denied anything if you say. I have never tried to wantedly keep under wraps.”

Addressing why she never likes to name him, Taapsee Pannu says “Everybody knows about it. Why I don’t take name and start talking as an outright answer is because I don’t want headlines line to be made out of my personal life.” She adds, “because the efforts I put in in my work gets overshadowed by my personal life, I don’t want that.”

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