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After The Real Taimur Ali Khan, His Doll Is Now Breaking The Internet!

Taimur is now a doll, and why are we not surprised? The cutie has been breaking the internet with his adorable pictures since the time he was born – and now the news of this doll made to resemble him is doing the rounds.

Taimur Ali Khan is all of one right now – and his internet stardom is unfathomable already. There are fan pages and hashtags all over social media with Taimur’s name. That’s something even us macro-social media influencers seek out to achieve, and struggle to do till date. And that too at the mere age of one – when most of us are struggling to eat food or even walk.

Taimur’s social media stardom has become a bit of a concern for his parents Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan Pataudi – as they try to protect him from the paparazzi as much as they can. However, the media shows no signs of stopping anytime soon, only because Taimur is just THE CUTEST BABY EVER!

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