The Real Reason Why Rani Mukerji Is Not On Social Media

In the day of celebrity updates that come us right through their own social media handles, Rani Mukerji is nothing like her colleagues. She is not on any platform, be it Instagram or Twitter. 

Caught in a conversation with GoodTimes, she says, “I think I have to give credit to my fans, my loyal fans who keep me relevant. Thanks to them! I’m really blessed to have a really loyal set of fans who enjoy my work, who love my work, who love me, and who probably understand me.” Adding, “Because in a world where everybody is out there, talking about their families, talking about their lives, showcasing themselves out there, sometimes you can be misunderstood in that world.”

“‘What does she think of herself?’ ‘Why wouldn’t she do it?’ But somewhere my fans have been understanding to believe that ‘yes, she is an understated person’, ‘she is understated in what she does’, and ‘she likes her work to speak for herself.’”

“I am not that person, I’m very middle class in my approach and my life like you know going to work like every woman does, and coming back to her family and does the normal things that a mother does or a family person does.”

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