These Pictures Are A Proof That Arjun Rampal Is One Of The Hottest Men Ever

Arjun Rampal is hot and you can not disagree. He may not be the mainstream chocolate boy of Bollywood but there is no denying the Arjun Rampal holds a special place in our hearts. From his famous baritone voice and toned AF body, he has proven time and again that he is super sexy. Just scroll through, treat your eyes and you will know what’re talking about.

Sleek, suave and stylish. Arjun Rampal is nothing less than dapper. Men, take notes. 

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#TheMan . Shoot. Do u like?

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Brb, trying to get over all that hotness. 

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He’s an overload of adventure. Looks like it and sure feels like it.

Throwback to the #RockOn days where he looked oh so sexy!

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Smile with me. Love to all. #happiness

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Remember how that do rag became the biggest trend of the time?

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Can't get enough of #jaago #rockon2 #relivethemagik

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We don’t know what’s more delicious, the pizza or him.

He dons the stubble look. 

But looks great even when he’s clean-shaven.

The simple fact that he’s a dog lover makes us fall for him even more.

Everytime he hits the ramp, he is so effortless. And yes sir, it was quite comfortable watching you walk too.

That fedora is the only travel fashion inspo we need. On set, always in style.

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