This Remake Of Rajesh Khanna & Mumtaz’s ‘Jai Jai Shiv Shankar’ Will Get You In The Mood For Holi Ahead Of Diwali

The dance anthem from Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff starrer is here! Jai Jai Shiv Shankar, the superhit Holi song will now have a remake featuring in ‘War’.  Siddharth, the director of the film said that the aim was to create a dance anthem which was larger than life, and justified them dancing together. 

He adds, “Firstly, we had to actually get the track right, get the track that actually justifies them dancing on it together. Hrithik and Tiger have had very, very good songs and big hit songs to their credit. Now, we are bringing them together for the first time and so we have all the more responsibility to deliver a song that should become a blockbuster instantly. I told Vishal and Shekhar that this is not just a song, this is a responsibility. I think it’s the blessings of God and the blessings of all the fans of Hrithik and Tiger that we have been able to create a track which is truly an anthem. You have to hear it to understand it!”

Shot on a scale that no Bollywood song has been ever shot before, Jai Jai Shivshankar releases today. “After we got the right track that had this kind of groove and beat which is so big, we couldn’t have shot it in any lesser way than we actually did,” Siddharth says. The song featuring over 500 dancers was conceptualised by Bosco and Caesar for more than a month before it was brought to Hrithik and Tiger.

Siddharth says Hrithik and Tiger rehearsed for 3 weeks to make this song a visual spectacle for audiences. He adds, “This is a Holi song in the film and what actually got me excited about the song was its lyrics. It says ‘Jai Jai Shivshankar, Aaj mood hai Bhayankar’. When you see this song, you will get into a bhayankar mood to dance, you will just freak out and that is the killer part of it.”

War releases on October 2 worldwide. The song will see Tiger Shroff and Vaani Kapoor alongside Hrithik Roshan.

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