Thugs Is Going South And In a BIG Way

Since the time it has been announced, the upcoming Bollywood blockbuster Thugs of Hindostan has created uproar among the audience. People are going gaga over their striking and legendary cast and their innovative way of introducing their characters and releasing their posters.

And now the Thugs have gone a notch higher and announced the release of the most awaited blockbuster in Tamil and Telugu. This undoubtedly breaks the record of being the biggest ever Bollywood release in these languages. Aamir and Bachchan revealed this news in an extremely unconventional manner; the two legends came together in a video to announce the film’s release in Tamil and Telugu. And the biggest attraction is that both the stars were speaking in Tamil and Telegu in the video.

Yash Raj Film’s mega adventure film will take you back to the independence era when thugs in India would come out to loot the British and kill them later. This movie will represent the indispensable role played by the thugs in India’s independence. The trailer is set to release on founder Yash Chopra’s birth anniversary, 27th September.


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